Pretty girl with big bold eyes
Aching face from tears of despise
Puzzled faces ask
Why does she cry?
She takes a deep breath
She starts to sing
Then she remembers everything

He tells her lay on the bed
She sighs not this game again
Her throat feels full and numb
His fingers roamed her young flesh 
and then it begun

His starts to take out his meek little thing
Feeling like hot coals he shoved it in
He ripped her stomach with his violent thrusts
Her mind cried help; her body said stay put it was a must

The game of cat eats mouse
Dog eats world
He breaks and shatters this little girl
He takes her innocence and kills her world.
She has no hope she has only blood.
Blood fill with memories that roam through her veins
Blood that would leak and cause her pain

Scared, defeated and silence is his signature on her soul
Forced with violent thoughts she must try to contain and control

Suicide sounds sweeter than icecream on a cone.
However it melted away whenever she went home.

Not to the house where he can defeat and be mean
But to an island where the grass was green.
  Where her guardian of dreams, hopes and desires
But sadly one day this hero expired.

Nowadays this girl is scared to be cute
Because that word carries fear that makes her mute
Scared of beauty she must rebuke
Because this vanity would make her puke.