Saturday, March 12, 2011

"visions of my future come from a dream"

I thank God for allowing me to be amongst the few people in this cruel world to be privileged. I always wonder what separates me from a child in rural Africa, Latin America hell even some in North America that has to struggle through life ? NO really think about that one, had the tables turned I could be struggling through life right now ! But no I am blessed to live the life I take for granted everyday (sometimes I feel like I do not even deserve the luxuries I have #sigh).


SO back to the title of this post "visions of my future come from dream"
I have always had an interest in human trafficking like it baffles me how an individual can truly be able to commit the evils that human trafficking allows. That is why I want to attend law school in Europe (God Willing) and become a public international lawyer (yeahBOYYY) and trial these bastards that commit theses crimes against humanity. That is one of my dreams but I feel like I can do something NOW to help the millions of people struggling through has me really got me thinking.
Time to assembly my dream team and get cracking ! ! !


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