Wednesday, March 9, 2011


SO boys ?!
what about them...damn way to much.
I could write a novel on this topic...
I love how girls are always like "hell I don't need a man" *with the attitude in their tone and everything* then the next minute they are all like ughh I want a dude (lol).
WELL I am not like that, I never try to be independent, I like the attention boys give
every realize how it means so much more when a guy gives you a compliment as opposed to a girl friend..ughh why is that ???!
The weird thing about me is when I like a dude and he is paying me no mind makes me want him soo much more like its so annoying ! (currently the rut I am stuck in =/)
I'm not a shy person at all, but when it comes to dudes I like i go MUTE and it aggravates me and everyone around me cause that's all I talk about (again referring to my current rut) ahah I have no clue how my friends put up with me !
I like this dude I think I've made it obvious enough (kay maybe not all that obvious) and liek I always want to talk to him and stuff but like I never do...and reading my horoscope today I really should get on that before its to late...ughhh we'll see.

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