Thursday, January 27, 2011

J E N N I F E R [!]

SEEING how this is my blog I figured might as well share a bit about myself.
SO my names Jennifer I'm eighteen years young and I'm anything from ordinary.
I love to sing, dance and talk. I only do one out of those three things well, which is talk =D
I am currently in my first year university in Ottawa (that's in Canada for those of you that don't know), when i'm done my undergrad I hope on attending Oxford law school #BIGDREAMS.
Anywho so the name of my blog "paper planes and concrete ambitions" isn't all that original.
I actually got the quote from this girl's tumblr and I instantly fell in love with it.  The original form is "paper dreams and concrete ambitions" but my "paper planes and concrete ambitions" signifies going places. Which I plan on doing and succeeding with God's grace.
SO I'm going to stop here cause I can definitely go on FOREVER, alrighty toodles xo

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